Fueling the IPO Engine

November 2021 by Nitin Garg

Strong gains in equity markets over the past year, coupled with ample liquidity in the financial system, has led to a sharp rise in initial public offerings (IPOs) as of late. IPO-bound companies are in a race to make hay while the sun shines on the back of favorable investor sentiment, an improved economic outlook, and abundant liquidity. Typically, bull markets first start in secondary equities and after a span of around a year or so, fuel a boom in IPO issuances. We are at about 12-15 months into this bull market and the number of IPO offerings is encouraging to say the least.

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The Next Step Towards More Liquid GCC Markets

Septmber 2021 by Fadhel Maklooq

Stock market liquidity can be broadly defined as the ability to execute large volumes of trading with ease and without disrupting or causing price volatility. Liquidity also leads to price discovery and enables fair valuations of listed securities..

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Are the Equity Markets Overheating – What does the Bimetallic Strip say ?

July 2021 by Chiro Gosh

Chiro Gosh, Vice President of Financial Institutions Research at SICO, examines whether equity markets are overheating by applying the concept of the bimetallic strip commonly used to examine the impact of thermal stress on metals.

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The Case for Privatizing Government Assets in the Region

September 2020 by Wissam Haddad

SICO's Head of Investment Banking shares his views on privatization across the GCC region.

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SICO Webinar “GCC Markets: Investment Themes & Market Dynamics in the Time of COVID”

July 2020, Webinar

SICO Conducted a webinar titled ‘GCC Markets: Investment Themes & Market Dynamics in the Time of COVID’. Participating in the webinar, were SICO’s Najla Al-Shirawi, CEO and Nishit Lakhotia, Head of Research and was hosted by Dalma Capital Founder and CEO Zachary Cefaratti, In attendance were 380 individuals, including investors, business owners and finance professionals, among others.
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Investing in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

July 2020, Opinion Editorial

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be the crisis of the century and it is negatively impacting economies, businesses and individuals across the globe but that does not mean that opportunities will cease to exist.

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Breaking the Rules

July 2020 By CEO Magazine

SICO CEO Najla Al Shirawi is throwing the rule book out the window and preparing to expand the bank’s offering to outside Bahrain.

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Q&A with Mariam Isa – SICO’s Head of Brokerage

June 2020, Newsletter

I started my career at SICO as a fresh graduate. Throughout my time at the bank I have developed my career and gained immeasurable professional skills. The mentorship and support I have received along with the experiences I have gained working alongside my colleagues have equipped me with the tools and skills I need to help me navigate my role as SICO’s Head of Brokerage.

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Banker Magazine features SICO's Wissam Haddad's thoughts on Consolidation in the GCC Banking Sector

March 2020 By Banker Magazine

SICO’s Head of Investment banking and Real Estate , Wissam Haddad , featured in Banker Magazine article on consolidation in the GCC banking sector.

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Banking Consolidation and the Path to Stronger Capital Markets

January 2020 By Wissam Haddad

SICO Head of Investment Banking and Real Estate, Wissam Haddad, discusses the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the GCC banking sector on capital markets.

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Q&A With SICO's New Head of Market Making

Radius, May 2019 Newsletter, Q&A

SICO Head of Market Making discusses the importance of the market making function and encourages more women to pursue careers in finance.

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A Gradual Return to Confidence

Radius, May 2019 Newsletter, Viewpoint

SICO CEO, Najla Al Shirawi shares her views on the gradual return to confidence. Learn More

CO CEO, Najla Al Shirawi shares her views on the gradual return to confidence.

It’s All About Timing

February 2019      By Nishit Lakhotia

As all eyes are on the Gulf states poised to attract significant amounts of foreign capital ahead of Index inclusion.

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Saudi Arabia on RECHARGE

July 2018      By Nishit Lakhotia

There are eight, equally important reasons for investors to be bullish about Saudi Arabia. RECHARGE, an acronym, adequately sums up the key initiatives and current dynamics which are reshaping the largest economy across the Middle East and North Africa.

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The Public vs. Private Debate

Radius, May 2018 Newsletter, Viewpoint

SICO CEO, Najla Al Shirawi shares her views on the advantages of growing regional equity markets.

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Enhancing Appeal

Oxford Business Group, The Bahrain Report 2018, Capital Markets Interview

SICO CEO, Najla Al Shirawi, talks to OBG on the need for bigger free float and diversity on the Bahrain Bourse.

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SICO's Wissam Haddad on listing boost for Bahrain-domiciled real estate investment trusts in Bahrain Banker Magazine

September 2015 by Bahrain Banker

SICO’s Head of Investment Banking and Real Estate, Wissam Haddad, explores the impact of the new rules allowing for the listing of the real estate investment trusts on the Bahrain Bourse.

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