Qualified market maker on the Bahrain Bourse

SICO is largely credited with pioneering the market making concept on the Bahrain Bourse in 1995, and the Bank has maintained its position ever since as the leading market maker on the bourse and a key player in the GCC for more than two decades. As of 2016, SICO became the first qualified market maker on the bourse following the introduction of new market making rules and guidelines during the year. SICO additionally acquired the licence for market making in the UAE. 

The division makes a market for several mandates for selected stocks, post-IPO listings, cross listings, matured listings, and global depository receipts. Its primary mission is to create liquidity in the market and to be available on the bid and offer side, narrow down the spread between them, and encourage trading. The Bank’s market making activities are conducted strictly on an arm’s length basis from the Brokerage and Asset Management divisions.