SICO Unveils New Corporate Identity


SICO BSC (c), a leading regional asset manager, brokerage, and investment bank, announced the roll-out of its new name and brand identity. Formerly Securities & Investment Company, the Bank will now be officially known by its more recognized name, SICO.

“With a successful track record spanning more than two decades as one of the region’s premier financial institutions, the time has come to reinvent our corporate identity to reflect both our heritage and our new reality,” said SICO Chairman, Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. “The new corporate identity is a reflection of the progressive, forward-thinking organisation that we are.”

The rebranding marks a new chapter in SICO’s history and delves deeper into its core. It is the result of extensive research and collaboration between the Bank’s senior management and multiple external stakeholders who all worked together to find a visual identity that is not only aligned with SICO’s vision and values, but is also reflective of the Bank’s future ambitions. The rebranding includes SICO’s two wholly owned subsidiaries; SICO Funds Services Company in Bahrain and SICO Financial Brokerage in Abu Dhabi.

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