SICO and BENEFIT Partner to Offer Payment and Settlement Services for Equities Online Trading


SICO and BENEFIT partner to offer payment and settlement services for equities online trading, the first in the region service to go live by year-end.

SICO BSC (c), licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a conventional wholesale bank, and BENEFIT Company, the Kingdom’s conduit for all electronic financial transactions, announced that retail investors will soon have seamless trading access to the Bahrain Bourse through the state-of-the-art sicolive online platform. The syncing of BENEFIT’s payment channels with sicolive allows investors to easily transfer funds from their retail bank accounts to their SICO investment accounts, offering an enhanced experience to retail investors in equity markets. Order management, position settlement, online access to trading accounts, and instant generation of statements are some of the other features offered through this first of its kind collaboration between BENEFIT and SICO, the leading broker and market maker on the Bahrain Bourse.  

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