Abu Dhabi securities exchange (ADX) admits SICO as first none-UAE-based registered market maker


In line with its strategy to enhance the UAE’s investment structure and support its sustainable economic growth, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the region’s leading financial market, has awarded SICO with the first non-UAE license to serve as Market Maker, making it the fifth registered Market Maker on the Exchange. The announcement came at a bell-ringing ceremony on ADX’s trading floor, which was attended by members of ADX and SICO executive management.

SICO BSC (c) is a leading regional asset manager, broker, market maker and investment bank based in Bahrain, and has been the leading market maker on the Bahrain Bourse since 1995, making it a pioneer and key player in the GCC financial markets. As market maker, liquidity provider, and major participant in UAE markets through its Abu-Dhabi based subsidiary ‘SICO Financial Brokerage LLC’, SICO will help narrow the spread between bids and offers as well as encourage further trading.

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